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Donald H. Kagin, Ph.D.

Grow membership and educational opportunities through vision, innovation, and leadership to implement bold new programs.


Transform the way numismatic education is delivered by providing new educational opportunities through increased use of social media and the availability to access on-line curriculum 24/7/365 on any electronic device including smart phones.

Club Engagement and Expansion

Expand and engage ANA clubs by instruction, managing and sharing best practices especially incorporating virtual Zoom opportunities, providing volunteer expert speaker data base and significantly increasing youth participation.


Secure long-term financial stability by supporting our development director’s initiatives and adding increased sponsorships of exciting new programs. Significantly ramp up marketing the ANA Estate Planning booklet to secure numismatic collections donations leading to their sale in ANA auctions resulting in increased revenue to the association.


Partner with large numismatic firms, auction houses and official grading company to engage their clients in the ANA. Reach out to senior organizations like AARP and to service organizations to offer hobby opportunity and partnerships.


Offer young numismatists a “seat at the table” of ANA governance.


as the “Oldest Living Pioneer.”

Kagin’s, Inc. is the nation’s oldest family-owned numismatic firm tracing their origins to 1933. The firm specializes in U.S. gold coins especially those of the gold rushes, paper currency and classic rarities. Dr. Kagin holds the first B.A. degree in numismatics and the nation’s only Ph.D. in the field.


Donald H. Kagin PhD

Don Kagin was born into a numismatic family and began his professional numismatic career cataloging auctions for his father in 1968.

Numismatic education and innovation have been at the forefront of Kagin’s career. He attained the nation’s first B.A. degree in numismatics at Northwestern University and the first numismatic Ph. D. from the Union Institute and University. Since 1972, many of his research papers have appeared in several professional journals, including The Journal of Economic History, and The Numismatist, where he has won the coveted Heath Literary Award.

Kagin’s first book, Private Gold Coins and Patterns of the United States, was published in 1981 and is considered the reference book for this series. His other specialty, U.S. paper currency, has most recently culminated in his award-winning Book of the Year, Treasury Notes of the War of 1812 and is considered the reference work on the subject.

Other innovations include nationally acclaimed one-man educational shows, “The Oldest Living Pioneer” and “Colonial Man,” and acting as the academic dean for the University of Rare Coins. Kagin inspired, shepherded and successfully received congressional approval for the 2006 San Francisco Old Mint Centennial Commemorative coins which raised $4.5 million.

Don is also known for his outside-the-box marketing as when he partnered with in building a numismatic trading platform to launch the worldwide sale of the Saddle Ridge Hoard—the most valuable buried treasure find in North American history.

Kagin has lectured and taught numismatics internationally, conducted seminars and educational forums including several years at the ANA Summer Seminar, and has made several radio and television appearances including two on Good Morning America and multiple times on The History and National Geographic channels.

Besides cataloging, writing, lecturing and teaching numismatics, Kagin is a member of several numismatic clubs and organizations, has served on several academic, educational and numismatic boards including eight years on the ANA board, most recently as Vice President. Currently Kagin serves as a board member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets which he co-founded, and the National Silver Dollar Roundtable.

ANA Life Member LM-724
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ANA 2 Cent Ideas


The following are some of the ideas I have received from ANA members over the years which I would like to see implemented during the next two years. I look forward to receiving your comments regarding these ideas and receiving your 2 Cents.
And let me know if in exchange you would like to receive my latest 2 Cent piece.
Thank you for your participation in helping ANA become even better!

  • Provide interactive eLearning courses offered online on any electronic device 24/7.
  • Recreate and develop a volunteer mentor program.
  • Expand offering introductory packages of books/supplies for grade school teacher.
  • Provide virtual regional club mini –educational seminars. Clubs could be provided a lesson plan and make use of digital images from ANA.
  • Provide volunteer school lecturers (perhaps derived from a local Coin Club) to school districts.
  • Rethink / modernize Diploma and other programs with links to virtual “workbook material” for both print and on-line lesson plans.
  • Work with more local dealers to sponsor traveling ANA grading seminars.
  • Create a YouTube “How to give a school presentation ‘directed to people who are interested in giving presentations at schools.
  • Provide YouTube segments including interviews with prominent numismatists to be disseminated to other hobbyists, academic venues, etc.


  • Revamp budget presentation to create/demonstrate a balanced budget for day-to-day expenditures including salaries and infrastructure, insurance, legal and accounting costs and then provide another budget for programs which require sponsorship opportunities or endowment funds to be properly maintained.


  • Offer a list of sponsorship opportunity for upcoming initiatives and revamp naming rights and major awards.
  • ANA awards– get “shout out” ads from advertisers, friends and family honoring awardees. Announce awards three issues before a convention/presentation which allows time for additional ads. Get list of potential congratulators from award recipient whom to contact for ads.
  • Send Estate Planning booklets to families of recently deceased ANA members and to members over 70 years old.
  • Appoint official ANA appraisers for donated material.
  • Explore establishing a “Chair” – for “Curator” or “professor of numismatics” to be employed by the ANA.


  • Solicit specific items to the ANA Museum as part of a “build our museum” program.
  • Sponsored concierge headquarters tours which would include special VIP presentations by staff/luminaries, providing restaurant class food, etc.
  • Bring in dealer/expert volunteers in different numismatic series to recommend deaccessioning numismatic material not needed. Those items can be placed in an ANA sponsored auction at no cost to the museum (ANA receives a fee from the auction house’s buyer’s charge). Cheaper quantity items can be sold separately or given as prizes or giveaways to beginning numismatists.
  • Proactively provide expertise to other coin museums to not only modernize exhibits, but to suggest above deaccession program
  • Develop more virtual traveling exhibitions for shows and clubs with dealer sponsorship.


  • Digitize all important volumes, images, notebooks and catalogs.
  • Lending of books should mostly be conducted virtually.
  • Ask volunteer bibliophiles to recommend needed volumes and get those items donated/funded.
  • ANA can create a short video/primer on how to set up a Zoom/Go to Meeting invite. Clubs need to aggressively encourage all member to view. Reticent members can be loaned or given a laptop by other members. Share lessons on how to log onto meetings and encourage participation.
  • ANA should facilitate Zoom/GoToMeeting invitations from clubs by sharing best practices/primer on ideas.
  • Update how to download Zoom and power point presentations especially for club/school presentations. Perhaps provide UBS power thumb drives.
  • Develop a more comprehensive data base/library of both dealer and collector You Tube virtual presentations that would be available to clubs. ANA can encourage local dealers not only to speak, but to sponsor such programs- a win-win-win opportunity.
  • Dealers can develop loyalty by offering an “ask the dealer” session one night a quarter.
  • Give new ANA members a free one-year membership in their local coin club.
  • ANA can provide a newsletter template with current national news that can be used by clubs’ secretaries who can then just add local news to create a paper as well as virtual newsletter.
  • New club members can receive a free virtual ANA membership funded by local dealers who would get star points.
  • Expand and create a more robust internet forum for club officers to exchange ideas.
  • Feature a “Club-of-the-Month” in The Numismatist
  • ANA can encourage club members to go to their local scout meeting and give presentations.
  • Work with clubs in a coordinated effort to reach out to their county school superintendents, informing them that numismatic programs that ANA currently offers that can complement current class programs rather than compete with them. Programs can also be virtual after which, questions can be submitted to the ANA staff by the students.
  • Make available to clubs an easy-to-implement primer on how teachers can integrate numismatics in their local classroom. Different outlines/ideas can be developed for different grade levels or subjects. ANA can then provide the necessary supplies based on the responses.


  • Expand electronic kiosks to include interactive educational mini programs.
  • Provide venue/booth for beginners; not necessarily for YNs. Especially on Saturdays.
  • Open the security room the night before set-up; perhaps charge a small fee.
  • Let local dealers replace those that leave the shows early.
  • Get ads from official convention hotels and restaurants within 3 blocks of convention in exchange for conventioneers’ discount coupons for their food purchases.
  • Provide virtual registration and pre-registration.
  • Life members get early show admission.
  • Provide Docent Programs at shows including:

a. Guided tours by exhibitors every hour and then ask to join ANA.

b. Greeters at entrance to direct attendees to areas of interest or exhibits. Perhaps provided by club sponsors.

  • Explore the possibility of extending coin shows through Sunday emphasizing educational programs for young people and inclusion of local dealers to fill bourse spaces vacated by national dealers (who may have been there for a week).
  • Explore making Segway’s or carts available to appropriate members at shows.
  • Possibly include Boy/Girl Scout merit badge programs at coin shows.

Shows (Continued)
  • Mandate all board governors provide ANA applications at the ANA sponsored coin shows.
  • Let members/clubs fill out all ANA forms such as booth and exhibit applications on-line.
  • Pages at shows should request permission before leaving flyers at bourse booths.
  • Explore reconstituting the spring National Money Show as a “virtual only” show


  • Use current NMS funds/staff to offer more “virtual shows” combined with a local club show sponsored bourse along with local exhibits and youth activities.


  • Convert regular ANA membership to life membership and give credit of $10 /y for every year one has been a member.
  • Life members get name entered into a lottery for an ANA seminars scholarship. Funding provided by sponsors.
  • Offer 65 and 70-year membership medals.
  • Encourage ANA Brochures / applications at dealer tables to “build relationships” and award star points.
  • When a new member signs up, they can “adopt a coin”, for a fee and get additional benefits.
  • Allow automatic membership renewals.


  • Make Governors chairman and accountable for all committees who will provide goals with timelines, metrics and periodic updates to the president and board and ultimately the membership.
  • Reach out to the entire membership to participate as committee volunteers and/or as speakers. Provide the goals of each committee along with what would be required of each volunteer. Ask members to list their top committees to serve and give a brief reason why. Then assign them committees and put them to work!


  • Ask members to help create hand- held numismatic themed games apps. Offer (a sponsored) cash award challenge to develop smart phone apps with fun and competitive numismatic themes compelling to potential young numismatists. Players will receive prizes for winning games such as one for creating the best virtual Registry Set from a specific amount of virtual money.
  • Explore how ANA can more efficiently get numismatic information to school districts.
  • Provide penny/quarter boards for beginning YNs, sponsored by dealers
  • Expand use of YN bucks.
  • Explore the idea of assembling a YN Counsel which will telephonically meet quarterly to incubate ideas and perhaps elect an ambassador to periodically make presentations to the ANA board.


  • Add a new competitive category of coin club exhibit. That would not only promote camaraderie and encourage new exhibitors, but also help newer exhibitors learn firsthand from more experienced exhibitors.


  • Bylaws should be modified to allow for four or five terms of three years each which will allow new governors to get acclimated to their duties and responsibilities and provide continuity to the board.
  • Allow previously timed out Governors to run again with the new time limit above (12-15 years).
  • If deemed advisable based on current board backgrounds, the president can appoint a special non-voting presidential advisory committee composed of individuals with special expertise in areas of management, accounting, marketing, etc. that can provide critical input to the board.
  • Review strategic plan providing specific 1-2-3 to 5-year goals and how they might be achieved.
  • Put on website/The Numismatist “Ask the ANA Governor’s” Q&A Section.
  • Expand the Exec. Director column in The Numismatist on current initiatives and solicit feedback.


  • All show exhibits’ images should be put online if possible. Exhibitors can place images and information on ANA website.
  • Put ANA Museum Collection online. Get dealers to sponsor specific series.


  • Encourage the U.S. Mint and BEP to send ANA information to their mailing lists, as well as provide information on their web site such as a link to the ANA. The Mint could possibly partner with the ANA to set up a Mint Museum on its first floor.
  • Offer a year’s free membership or other incentive to purchasers of ANA products distributed by private publishers and corporations.
  • Provide more pre and post-convention seminars by partnering with cities or resorts like ANA did with Colonial Williamsburg or the St. Gaudens estate.
  • Add membership by blind merging larger coin company mailing list with ANA and offer membership. Provide special editions of The Numismatist so it won’t promote competitors.
  • Partner with AARP so their members, “Live longer with a hobby,” and “bring purpose to their retirement”. Do the same with assisted living and hostel programs. ANA will provide either virtual or in person speakers if the group pays their expenses.
  • Outreach to service organizations e.g. Rotary, Kiwanis, Chambers of Commerce, Lions and other national clubs.
  • Contact homeschool associations to provide material/programs (get local dealers to sponsor).
  • Offer numismatic hobby opportunities to active and reserve duty military personnel on a virtual or YouTube platform. Also, provide same to retired veterans.


  • Establish an outside-the-box marketing committee to find innovative ideas to engage new members from other hobbies, academic communities, and other sites. Explore using short “Ted Talk” type presentations concerning numismatic programs on U-tube targeting the above.


  • Print a monthly “Did you know?” Column in The Numismatist about ANA benefits.
  • Offer special subscription rate for libraries to be donated (3 yr. min) by an ANA member to local library.
  • More publicity for displays prepared for ANA shows in The Numismatist.
  • Provide short interviews or quotes from staff representatives once a month
  • Provide product reviews in The Numismatist


  • Review ANA’s commitment to providing more rigorous consumer protection education, especially in the area of misleading advertising, investment promotions & spam types of emails.
  • Provide on -line, interactive data base of altered and fake coins and expand/update library of fraud detection books.

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